Eyeshot 2023 Anticipations

Bologna, Italy — December 1, 2022.

Pricing & Packaging

The Eyeshot 2023 license will be multi-platform only. To simplify management of activation codes and to prevent platform upgrade/downgrade/switch madness, all Eyeshot 2023 licenses will include WinForms, WPF and the neutral cross-platform core.

As a result, customers will be free to experiment with WinForms, WPF or the neutral cross-platform core without the need to pay for a license upgrade.

Another change will be the single setup and single assemblies set. Depending on their activation code, customers will get Pro, Ultimate or Fem edition features. Customers will always install everything (WinForms, WPF and the neutral cross-platform core) because they have paid for everything.

All of this will change product pricing starting from January 1, 2023. The license price increase will mainly affect customers with single-platform licenses. The Eyeshot 2023 price list can be found here, customers have one month to purchase additional licenses at the current prices.



Eyeshot 2022 GEntities prevented many customers from upgrading to Eyeshot v2022 and devDept decided to abandon these types.

A new, and more straightforward, product split was introduced. It provides all the product features in the neutral cross-platform core, not only the additional translator classes as originally planned for Eyeshot 2023.

The Eyeshot 2023 project converter will accept both v2021 and v2022 projects for upgrade to v2023.

Figure 1. Eyeshot 2023 architecture


New Features

  • Screen Space Ambient Occlusion (Video1, Video2, Gallery)
  • Static selection with halo (Video)
  • GPU-based silhouette drawing (Video coming soon)
  • Curve and surface extension methods (Video1Video2)
  • Managed ReadDWG and ReadDXF classes
  • Full support for 3D Connexion space mouse in Object mode (no driver installation needed)
  • Lighter BRep tessellation (less data, less memory, faster read/write in proprietary file format)
  • A new Meshing namespace with Curve, Plane, Surface, and Volume mesher classes.
  • Better font rendering in 2D views


Code Samples

  • Updated SketcherDemo with sketch import from DWG/DXF and Move/Rotate/Scale (Video coming soon)
  • Updated BlendSurface with curve/surface extension (Video)
  • Updated Workspaces with SketchManager support
  • Updated DraftingDemo with interactive curve trim/extend (Video)
  • New GCodeSimulator code sample


Eyeshot Tools

  • New WYSIWYG editor in the open support ticket form


  • Hello Alberto,
    I really like your tool! But for a few weeks I've been in the process of finally converting my classes to version 2022 with .net 6. Was that effort useless now? When can we expect a pre-release of 2023?

  • Well, a pity.... Some aspects of the new GEntities were a bit unwieldy to use, sometimes had unexpected results, and yes: There some situations where I could not really understand why a method would be packed into a GEntity and not an Entity or the other way round... Not perfect, yet - But in principle I thought you were going in the right direction with this...

    How will the split look like? Will the distinction between pure geometry and presentation be removed, completely?

    Curious how this will play out.

    Edit: And a bit apprehensive about code duplication(or broken/then nonsensical overloads) when migrating from 2022 to 2023. Don't see you being able to avoid that with a migration tool. Already see us plowing through all our code, manually...

  • Might I suggest a two stage Beta release. First stage letting us see and do some testing with the new data structures, and the second later stage being the project converter tool. I would much rather see what changes there are in 2023 first rather than waiting on the migration tool, if in fact the migration tool is holding beta release back.

  • I'm looking forward to seeing Eyeshot 2023 Alberto!

    Please be aware that CAD import/export is a critical feature for many of your customers, so hopefully we still have the option to use the existing ODA libraries methods and the new managed ReadDWG and ReadDXF classes side-by-side for a while.

  • Hi,

    We are too awaited to see features for electrical automation, Also kindly fixes the existing issues of import CAD shapes as many shapes are not importing to eyeshot..

    Hope we will get few more features for basic drafting tools like insertion/base point tracking for Symbols/ Block diagram.

  • I'm also very excited about the new NURBS extension functionality! This just looks great! And could be very useful, indeed!

  • Sounds great!  We are going through a lot of refactoring right now, so I appreciate the challenges you face.  I will not be able to try out the beta until February, but looking forward to working with it then.

  • Is 2023 planned for .NET framework, .NET6/7 or better yet, .NET standard?


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