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The property ButtonStyle.Gap allows to specify the distance between the buttons on the toolbar. By setting this value to 0 it is possible to create toolbars with buttons one close to the other.

The issue is that the same property is used to define the distance of the toolbar from the frame of the graphic view. Result is that the toolbar is attached to the external frame. From an aesthetic point of view it is a very bad result.

Request is very simple, create a specific property to control the distance of the toolbar from the external frame.




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  • I agree with this request and would like to add a few more wishes/ideas:

    This is the toolbar that I would like to implement. With the current options this is quite complicated to achieve. 

    I think it would be good if the toolbar would have the following styling options:

    • Background color/brush
    • Padding (space between icon and toolbar border)
    • Gap (space between individual buttons)
    • Margin (space between toolbar and viewport edge)
    • Corner radius (of the toolbar - not of the icons)

    So basically most people will use icons with a transparent background and then style the toolbar with the new properties. 

  • Added in Eyeshot version 2023.3


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