Programmatical selection methods recap

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  • Hi all,

    A call to GetAllCrossingEntities(aRectangle) within a revision prior to 2024 on a workspace "filtered"  with IsolateInstances() did exactly what expected: entities around the specific position were visible inside the code.

    Using the new version, 2024.2.342, this is no longer possible. I called the new method GetCrossingEntities(rect, false, out int[] entIndexes, false): it runs correctly in a normal behaivor, but not into an "isolated" one. Is there a reason?

    Thank you


  • Hi Andrea,

    From build 2024.2 onwards, only currently isolated instances are selectable, and non-active entities are not selectable. If you encounter a different issue, please open a support ticket and include a small sample to reproduce the problem. Thank you.


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