Eyeshot 10 Beta

devDept Software is proud to announce the Eyeshot 10 Beta program.

Eyeshot 10 includes Solid3D booleans, one of the greatest achievements reached from our team so far. Solid3D booleans allow Eyeshot to build and export BRep solids with the same accuracy and topology of mainstream 3D CAD systems, something we were after from a long time. In addition, existing Solid booleans calls can be easily converted to their Solid3D counterpart.


What's New

  • Fully fledged assembly environment (see video)
  • Booleans operations between Solid3D objects (see samples)
  • Full read/write support for AutoCAD linetypes
  • XOR drawing mode with DirectX renderer
  • WebGL export (try it live here)
  • CreateReferenceImage() and CompareWithReferenceImage() for 3D scene visual testing
  • Utility classes to build rectangle, rounded rectangle, slot, circular slot and hexagon shapes as CompositeCurve or Region types. Constructurs allow sketch planes different from XY usage.
  • Built-in support for mixed units (ViewportLayout.Units property is back).
  • The ability to add any number of toolbars
  • Filled text in 2D vector layouts
  • Support for DWG/DXF files with circular references
  • OffsetToRegion() to generate a Region entity from a planar curve and an offset distance
  • Improved support for WPF styles and templates (see video)
  • CopyTo(ViewportLayout) that simplifies the creation of a new ViewportLayout control with the same content of original one
  • Export Block/BlockReference in IGES file format (Types 308, 408)
  • Export Solid3D objects in IGES file format (Type 186)
  • WriteXML class to convert any geometry into a readable XML file
  • Alpha map support for materials
  • Surface and Solid3D types export to DWG/DXF file format as Nurbs
  • ViewportLayout.Entities.OpenCurrentBlockReference() and CloseCurrentBlockReference()



A detailed list of breaking changes can be found here.



Only the language reference of the WinForms and WPF API documentation is periodically updated.


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