Eyeshot 2020.3 Released

We are proud to announce the availability of a new Eyeshot 2020 stable build: 2020.3.428

New Features

  • Super-fast zoom and pan on complex views (see Video)
  • Super-fast geometry snapping on complex views (see Video)
  • Top-quality vector views: polylines and arcs in place of thousands of micro linear segments
  • Associativity between Brep edges and VectorView items (see Video)
  • Reduced memory footprint of Drawings environment
  • Increased VectorView rebuild speed
  • Improved printing quality with text as text and arc as arc (this makes PDF output text searchable)
  • Improved VectorView rebuild progress notification and interruption (see Video)
  • Jaw-dropping ability to edit and add dimensions while other views are rebuilding (see Video)
  • Improved PaperSpace sample with support for angular and ordinate dimensions and the ability to edit views (see Video)
  • Improved DrawingsUserControl for changing individual view properties (hidden lines, position, colors, scale) and for creating dimensions inside the VectorView block (see Video)
  • Improved quality of copy to clipboard and EMF export output
  • Improved quality of Drawings DWG/DXF export
  • Added support for the 3D mouse in Drawings environment
  • Improved processing of Drawings printing
  • Improved drawing of selected and pending rebuild views
  • Added view placeholder when a rebuild is pending
  • Revamped PaperSpace sample promoted to PaperDemo
  • Updated ODA libraries to version 2021.4
  • Added LinearPath.ExtrudeAsMesh, Solid, Surface and BRep for sheet metal flanges (see Article)

We also published this short article to help you creating your first drawing in your application.

To learn more about this update, please check the Changelog.



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