This build introduces a number of new features and breaking changes in the Drawings environment and HiddenLinesView class. More details here

 Breaking Changes

  • Removed HiddenLinesViewSetting.Simplify and VectorView.Simplify properties
  • VectorView.HiddenSegments property now affects only the visibility status of the hidden segments
  • Replaced Drawings.GetActiveSheet() and SetActiveSheet() methods with Drawings.ActiveSheet and ActiveSheetIndex properties
  • Removed SheetsViews and ViewsBlocks public properties in ViewBuilder class
  • Replaced GetSilhouettes/Edges/Wires/HiddenSilhouettes/HIddenEdges/HiddenWires methods with Silhouettes/Edges/Wires/HiddenSilhouettes/HiddenEdges/HiddenWires properties, which now returns an array of HdlCurve
  • Replaced GetTexts() and GetRegions() methods with Texts and Regions properties, which now returns an array of HdlMesh
  • Replaced GetTextStrings() with TextStrings property, which now returns an array of HdlText.
  • Added Pictures() returning an array of HdlPicture
  • Removed HiddenLinesViewSetting.GetComputedLines() in favor of the above new public properties
  • Moved FilterLinesToExport() and ScaleLinesToWorld() methods from HiddenLinesViewSetting class to HiddenLinesView
  • FilterLinesToExport() method now accepts and returns a list of HdlCurve objects instead of ScreenLine 
  • ScreenCurve, ScreenLine, ScreenArc, ScreenText, ScreenPicture are now internal instead of public classes
  • Reading Eyeshot files containing Drawings data too, now Line entities that belong to blocks related to views are converted to LinearPath entity. This B.C. is not applied to files saved using the advanced technique of serialization with a length prefix
  • Reset base point of VectorView's block, now segments of the block are translated in place.



  • Fixed Clone() method for BlockReference and View classes
  • Fixed WebGL export of FastPointCloud entity
  • Added support for semicolon comments in ReadGCode class
  • Improved printing of arcs using Graphics.DrawArc() .NET method
  • Fixed Text Simplify nested inside BlockReference during ZPR
  • Improved Surface isocurve trimming
  • Improved drawing of many LinearPath and wires with a pattern using buffered lines
  • Added edge index of the associated parent Brep for curves resulting from HiddenLinesView.
  • Added BlockEx.Clone()
  • Fixed bug in Brep texture mapping when the material is defined at the layer level
  • Fixed rotation by keyBoard when RotateSettings.RotationMode is TurnTable
  • Added overloads of Curve.Fillet() and Chamfer() methods accepting plane normal as input
  • Added InvariantCulture for string parsing in ReadGCode class
  • Fixed VectorView.WindowCenter computation for Trimetric, Dimetric and Isometric View
  • Fixed export of dimensions and annotations inside the View block
  • Fixed ObjectManipulator selection color
  • Added import of object type properties (IfcObject.IsTypedBy field) in ReadIFC class
  • Added assembly navigation to PaperSpace sample
  • Fixed text position for non-SHX fonts
  • Fixed import of TextStyles and LineTypes of external references in ReadAutodesk class
  • Fixed ObjectManipulator bounds computation
  • Fixed issue dragging the Drawings control at design-time
  • Fixed Environment.CancelWork() method not showing Cancelling text
  • Added queue handling in ViewBuilder class
  • Fixed Toolbar.Clone() method
  • Added ReadRCP and ReadRCS classes for importing Autodesk ReCap files
  • Added Sheet.AddViewPlaceHolder() method
  • Fixed missing tolerance parameter for Solid.Intersection() static method
  • Improved Region entity triangulation
  • Fixed wrong calculation of arrowhead space for dimensions
  • Added import of IfcCShapeProfileDef objects in ReadIFC class
  • Fixed paper visibility in the Drawings environment when the default layer is not visible
  • Fixed export of Ole2Frame object in WriteAutodesk class
  • Disabled Mouse3D rotation when Environment.Rotate is disabled
  • Improved printing in Drawings environment
  • Fixed exception in WriteSTL class for BRep objects
  • Fixed issue when user disconnect/re-connect to RDP session
  • Fixed flipped reflection on mirrored BlockReference objects
  • Added support for reading/writing OLE objects as images in Read/WriteAutodesk classes
  • Updated ODA libraries to version 2021.4
  • Fixed Mouse3D events subscription when switching between different controls
  • Improved Read3DS class for duplicated and orphan vertices
  • Fixed export of dimension arrowhead in WriteAutodesk class
  • Improved import of arcs with zero degrees angle in ReadAutodesk class
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