🌶️ 2022.3.544

  • Fixed crash when zooming with mouse wheel during application startup
  • Fixed flickering drawing after applying a transformation using ObjectManipulator
  • Added the rotation parameter to WritePDF3D.AddText() and AddImage() methods
  • Changed constraints type for Rectangle in Sketch.AddRectangle() method
  • Updated ODA assemblies to version 23.7
  • Added SkethEllipticalArc sketch entity
  • Added SketchManager.Trim() method to allow interactive sketch curves trimming
  • Added Manufacture.SetHomeView() override to properly rotate according to the work plane
  • Fixed cloning and sorting of collinear points constraints
  • Added feature history to SketcherDemo code sample
  • Added IfcAdvancedBrep support in ReadIFC class
  • Fixed BlockEx class export to 3D PDF
  • Fixed SimulationStock export in WriteOBJ and WriteWebGL classes
  • Removed in-domain restrictions in Surface.IsocurveU() and IsocurveV() methods
  • Fixed Visual Studio project settings not removing some Trace calls from the source code
  • Fixed coordinate system icon labels GDI+ drawing for custom orientations
  • Fixed crash on empty offset result
  • Added Milling.Project3D class and improved Parallel3D computation accuracy
  • Added projected leads in Contour3D machining with a boundary defined
  • Fixed file thumbnail issues in WPF when the control is minimized
  • Added AreaAndVolume.GetPrincipalAxes() method
  • Improved Visual Studio detection during setup
  • Fixed transparency in Wireframe display mode
  • Fixed Dimension.Compile() method when TextOverride has no angular brackets
  • Fixed Mesh export in OBJ for MulticolorSmooth case
  • Added BlockKeyedCollection.DefaultRootBlockName, Block.DefaultUnits and Block.DefaultMassUnits public static fields
  • Fixed import of missing spatial elements in ReadIFC class
  • Fixed plane change in Leader entity
  • Fixed import of nested external references in ReadAutodesk class
  • Fixed GDI+ exception for images in ReadAutodesk class
  • Fixed bug in Toolpath entity translation
  • Fixed bug in Surface.Decompose() method
  • Moved HiddenLinesViewSettings.ScaleTrianglesToWorld() method to HiddenLinesView class and removed the data parameter
  • Fixed return value of Solid.SplitBy() method
  • Fixed extension of AngularDim
  • Fixed issue after UpdateBoundingBox() call with regenerated Blocks
  • Fixed reading of Brep with empty Edges, Vertices, Faces, or Loops arrays.


Breaking Changes

BC-184 Removed SketchCurve.Projected property


BC-183 Removed SketchManager.ProjectedCurvesColor property


BC-180 Changed Surface.ConvertToMesh() method signature

The last parameter of Surface.ConvertToMesh(double, double, GMesh.natureType, bool) method has been changed from skipEdges to weld. The skipEdges is now the last parameter of the new overload Surface.ConvertToMesh(double, double, GMesh.natureType, bool, bool).

The same changes have been made on GSurface.

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