🌶️ 2022.2.484

  • Fixed a 3D graphics memory leak
  • Fixed transformations of OrientedBoundingBox for BlockReference having Block.BasePoint set
  • Fixed minor issue during computation of face extension in Brep.Fillet() method 
  • Fixed web code samples not properly disposing Eyeshot control
  • Removed "Prefer 32-bit" option from all the code samples Visual Studio projects
  • Fixed broken Workspaces code sample
  • Fixed Parallel3D machining with boundary defined
  • Fixed perspective camera in Drawing workspace views
  • Fixed import of Solid with thickness in ReadAutodesk class
  • Added spline and ellipse offset to SketcherDemo code sample
  • Fixed drawing of sketch entities above others
  • Fixed detection of pocket regions with boundary
  • Added Show origin and Untrim surface button to debugger visualizer
  • Improved Entity.FindClosestTriangle() method
  • Fixed LinearDim preview drawing in assembly Edit mode
  • Added .NET6 cross-platform ConsoleApp code sample
  • Fixed Object Manipulator disable/enable AntiAliasing condition
  • Fixed dynamic selection with halo on Intel GPUs
  • Fixed SketcherDemo code sample startup size
  • Fixed designer serialization of Workspace property of AssemblyTreeView class
  • Removed dirty data from Surface.EntityData field after surface trimming
  • Fixed printing issue when calling Drawing.PageSetup() method with allowMargin parameter as false
  • Fixed antialiasing on UI elements on NVidia GPUs and Direct3D renderer
  • Fixed crash on computing FastPointCloud representation for texts
  • Removed culling from AssemblyDemo code sample
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  • It seems that the x86 DLL for DXF import is not included.

    Is x86 now unsupported?

  • Hello Yamamoto,

    Yes, but you need to request those binaries. They are simply not included in the setup anymore.


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