Semitransparent Texture

To use a transparent texture you must have

singleViewportLayout1.AccurateTransparency = false;

and then you must assign an alpha value less than 255 to the entity material Diffuse component (of course the material must have a texture too).

The resulting transparency will be a combination of the material Diffuse alpha and the alpha of the texture pixels.

singleViewportLayout1.AccurateTransparency = false; 

Bitmap bmp = new Bitmap(imageFilePath); 

Material mat = new Material(bmp); // Assign a transparent alpha (<255) to the Material Diffuse component 
mat.Diffuse = Color.FromArgb(100, Color.White); 
singleViewportLayout1.Materials.Add("mat", mat); 

Mesh mesh = Mesh.CreatePlanar(new LinearPath(20, 20), 0.1, meshNatureType.Plain); 

mesh.ApplyMaterial("mat", textureMappingType.Plate, 1, 1); 



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  • Nice feature! This will come in very useful for rendering see-through items!


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