🌶️ Workspace.IsBestAdapterAvailable property

When using DirectX, Eyeshot tries to get the best adapter for rendering but some laptops with dual graphics cards don't allow to do this throwing an exception during their initialization.
That's because, on those machines, the best adapter (NVidia or AMD) is not a true discrete GPU - it is a co-processor for the Intel GPU, and all video data, even if rendered by those adapters is channeled through the Intel adapter on its way to the internal and external display panels.

Unfortunately, we cannot overcome this behavior and the only solution is to force the use of specific graphic cards via Graphics settings as shown in the below image.


Anyway, starting from Eyeshot 2022 we added the property Workspace.IsBestAdapterAvailable to let you check if you come into such a scenario and maybe you want to show a message for your user.
You can check it when the Eyeshot control has been initialized at all (for example, in the OnLoad() override for a WinForms application or in the OnContentRendered() override for a WPF one).


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