🌶️ Silent installation

A new MSI-based installer is used starting from Eyeshot 2022 and you can run a silent installation with the standard commands for MSI packages.

Listed below are some command line samples:

  • WinForms with a verbose log
    EyeshotFem20221271.exe /exenoui /qn /L*V log.txt ADDLOCAL=ALL REMOVE=WPF

  • WPF with a verbose log and a visible progress window
    EyeshotFem20221271.exe /exenoui /qb /L*V log.txt ADDLOCAL=ALL REMOVE=WinForms

  • WinForms and WPF installed in a different folder than the default one
    EyeshotFem20221271.exe /exenoui /qn ADDLOCAL=ALL APPDIR="C:\CustomPath"

The above picture shows the silent installation for WPF only with a verbose log and a visible progress window.

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