Eyeshot 2022 Released 🎆

Bologna, Italy — February 4, 2022. devDept Software S.r.l., leading provider of software development tools to the engineering industry, today announces the release of Eyeshot 2022, the native CAD control for .NET Framework.


What's New

  • Geometric kernel / UI separation (stage I)
    In this stage, Eyeshot entities were separated by their UI representation. A lot of code has been moved to Geometry assembly and we recommend accessing it from Entity.Primitive property (Read Article).

  • Minimum Framerate and Progressive Drawing
    Eyeshot can now load and spin geometry of any complexity removing small objects and adding them back progressively once the end-user stops moving. This process ends when the model drawing is completed and prevents any UI block during geometry navigation (Read Article, Play Video 1, Play Video 2).

  • New transparency in Assembly Edit mode
    Old transparency was affected by the alpha saturation issue with huge assemblies. In Eyeshot 2022, inactive assembly components use an impressive flat alpha blending. (Play Video)
  • 2D Constraint Solver and SketchEntity
    Eyeshot 2022 includes a professional 2D constraint solver that can be used for different purposes: 2D parametric sketches, mechanism design, adding features to existing BRep objects, and history-based parametric modeling. Current limitations include: constraint labels can overlap, lack of copy and paste of sketch entities and no export. (Play Video)

  • Eyeshot FEM is back!
    Eyeshot FEM edition is back in this version. It now includes a TET4/TET10 volume mesher (the one and only 100% pure .NET on the market) with mesh control, multi-material support, BRep boundary conditions application on vertex/edge/face and much more. Ultimate edition customers can upgrade to FEM edition paying the product price difference for a limited time only: March 31th, 2022. (Play Video)

  • Histogram UI element
    Introduced to display FEM mesh element quality, the Histogram UI element can now be used for customer application-specific needs.

  • NURBS curve to Line/Arc conversion
    A new method in Geometry.Utility class is available to convert NURBS curves in a CompositeCurve that includes arcs and lines only.

  • Lead and Ramp colors
    Toolpath entity now supports lead and ramp colors (and distinct feed/speed)

  • Contour Offset
    Improved offset robustness of planar open/closed contours that contain lines/arcs only

  • Region Booleans
    Improved booleans robustness of planar regions

  • Redesigned Licensing
    The Unlock() call was moved to LicenseManager class and must be called before the creation of any other Eyeshot object. (Play Video)

  • New Installer
    New MSI-based installer with code samples located under the installation Bin folder. Setup files are now considerably smaller.

  • Visual Studio 2022 & Windows 11 support


New Code Samples

  • FemDemo (Play Video)
    This example covers, volume meshing of arbitrary geometry, elements quality histogram, boundary condition application on BRep vertices/edges/faces, linear static analysis and results plot.

  • Sketcher (Play Video)
    Demonstrates how to use the 2D constraint solver from UI, including sketch extrude and assembly navigation to specific component/BRep. Current limitations include Edit sketch on Extrude features, multiple contours handling, and lack of interactive trimming.

  • Workspaces (Play Video)
    Demonstrates how Eyeshot workspaces (formerly called Environments) work seamlessly on the same geometry. It also shows how to define 2D sketches, vector views, FEA study and 3-axis machining programmatically.

Old FemDemo code sample was renamed Simulation. Old VolumeRendering code sample was renamed DicomToMesh.


Eyeshot 2022 is based on Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2


The YouTube playlist for Eyeshot 2022 can be found here.



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  • I'm looking forward to the updates!
    Is there a complete list of changes from 2021 to 2022?

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  • Hi,

    can I use Eyeshot 2022 in a WPF project with target framework .NET Framework 4.8 ?

  • Hi Paolo,

    Yes, of course!


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