Eyeshot 2022 Minimum Frame Rate feature

How it works

Simplifies the geometry during Zoom/Pan/Rotate removing small objects trying to maintain the target frame rate. Once the dynamic movement is completed the progressive drawing kicks in to avoid blocking the UI. It can be deactivated using the Design.MinimumFrameRate property set to zero.

Recommended values

From 10 to 20. Zero to deactivate. The bigger the framerate the lower is the number of objects drawn during Zoom/Pan/Rotate.

Graphic features, such as shadows, silhouettes, planar reflection, significantly affect the number of drawn objects, it is recommended to disable them for huge datasets.


  • Fast and smooth navigation of huge datasets
  • Your application UI will never block because of the geometry complexity


The list of the limitations introduced by this feature follows:

  • Not available in HiddenLines display mode.
  • Not available with multiple Viewports.
  • Not available during animation.
  • Realistic shadow and planar reflections are computed only at the first batch of progressive drawing.
  • Not available with AntiAliasing.
  • Shaders must be enabled.
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  • Can this be triggered manually, e.g. for a custom navigation?

  • You can activate/deactivate at any time using the MinimumFramerate property.


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