Using a constant visual refinement tolerance for all entities

Eyeshot uses an adaptive visual refinement tolerance that it's constantly updated based on scene extents. As a result, the same circle added in two different time frames to the scene, could be represented with a different number of segments.

In the case you want to change this behavior, you need follow the approach below (change the 0.1 value as per your requirements): 

class MyEntityList : EntityList 
   protected override double GetVisualRefinementTolerance() 
      return 0.1; 
viewportLayout.Entities = new MyEntityList(); 
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  • just downloaded EyeShot 7.0 and this method doesn't work. any hint?

  • It's currently available through nightly builds, something that only customers have access to. In addition, in most of the cases getting control over this parameter yields worst performances compared to the automatic visual refinement tolerance estimation that the component does.

  • thank you very. I am a customer. How can i get access to these builds?

  • Just login into your account at

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