Breaking Changes in Eyeshot 2024

This page lists the important behavior and API changes that were introduced in this version. If you already have projects using devDept products, you will need to peruse this list to understand the changes you might need to make to your source code to support this new release.


BC-234 Removed small object culling feature

The feature has been retired in Eyeshot 2024.

Removed SmallSizeMoving, SmallSizeStill, SmallSizeRatioMoving, SmallSizeRatioStill properties and ComputeSmallSizeStill(), ComputeSmallSizeMoving() methods of Viewport class.

BC-233 Removed Turbo feature altogether

Turbo feature has been retired in Eyeshot 2024

BC-232 Changed GetVisualRefinementDeviation() method

Document.GetVisualRefinementDeviation() method has been renamed into Document.GetVisualRefinement() and now returns RegenParams class

BC-231 Removed LicenseManager class

Removed LicenseManager class in favor of the new Licensing Model

BC-230 Renamed InitializeScene event

Renamed Workspace.InitializeScene event to ContentRendered. This event is necessary for WPF UserControl implementations only.

BC-229 PrintSimulationMesh and MultiFastMesh classes
  • MotionRangeStyle visibility changed from public to internal (used only for reading/writing from/to .eye files)

  • MotionRangeSurrogate and MotionRangeStyleSurrogate visibility changed from public to internal

  • MultiFastMesh changes:
    • from public Tuple<int, int, Color>[] SubMeshColors to List<SubMeshInterval> SubMeshIntervals
    • from public MultiFastMesh(float[], float[], int[], Tuple<int, int>[]) to public MultiFastMesh(float[], float[], int[], IntInterval[])
    • MultiFastMesh.Compile(CompileParams) throws an EyeshotException if VBOs are not supported.

  • PrintSimulationMesh changes:
    • from public void SetVisualStyle(IList<MotionRangeStyle>, Dictionary<string, Color>) to public void SetVisualStyle(IList<MotionInterval>, Dictionary<string, Color>)
    • removed property public Dictionary<string, Color> StyleColors (the dictionary is not accessible anymore, the client can change its content by using the methods Get/SetStyleColor(string)
    • from public MotionRange[] MotionsByLayer to public IntInterval[] MotionsByLayer
    • from public PrintSimulationMesh(Toolpath, IList<MotionRangeStyle>, Dictionary<string, Color>, Plane) to public PrintSimulationMesh(Toolpath, IList<MotionInterval>, Dictionary<string, Color>, Plane, float?)

  • Toolpath.Motion changes:
    • removed public float PrintExtrusionRadius (replaced by PrintExtrusionRadiusX and PrintExtrusionRadiusY)

  • In constructor public MultiFastMesh(float[], float[], int[], IntInterval[]) the IntIntervals are considered as closed intervals as described by IntInterval's documentation (they were interpreted as open intervals prior to this change)
BC-228 Removed Leaf suffix from code selection method names Renamed GetAllCrossingEntitiesLeaf() method to GetAllCrossingEntities()
Renamed GetCrossingEntitiesLeaf() method to GetCrossingEntities()
Renamed GetAllEnclosedEntitiesLeaf() method to GetAllEnclosedEntities()
Removed protected overload Workspace.GetCrossingEntities(Rectangle, bool , out List<SelectedItem>, bool)
BC-227 IFC properties

Removed IIfcEntity interface and related IfcMesh, IfcBlockReference, and IfcLinearPath classes. IFC properties are now located in the new Entity.IfcProperties property.

Removed the IfcLayer class and moved the associated Description and Identifier properties to Layer class.

BC-226 WPF Toolbar color properties

Changed WPF ToolBar.BackgroundColor and ToolBar.BackgroundBorderColor type from System.Drawing.ColorSystem.Windows.Media.Brush

BC-225 Removed SketchManager class

Please check the this article.

BC-224 ProgressBar class

Closed some ProgressBar class methods:

  • DrawCircular()
  • DrawCircularContinous()
  • ComputeCircular()
  • DrawDocked()
  • DrawDockedContinuous()
  • DrawLinear()
  • DrawLinearContinuous()
  • DrawProgressCircularTick()
BC-223 Removed ResizeBegin() Removed the obsolete Workspace.ResizeBegin() method
BC-222 DWG/DXF import Extruded surfaces and curves with a defined thickness are now imported from ReadAutodesk class as Brep entities.


Eyeshot version 2024 is based on NET6/NET7/NET8 and Framework 4.7.2

Previous versions of this article: Eyeshot 2023, Eyeshot 2022, Eyeshot 2021


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