Unable to resolve dependency 'SharpGLTF.Toolkit'

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  • Not knowing much about Winforms development, I originally selected the new project type of :

    Winforms App (.net framework)

    Rather than the more up-to-date, but less obvious :


    The older version of .net used by the "Winforms App (.net framework)" option produces the 

    SharpGLTF.Toolkit error straight away. The other option doesn't. So that might be why someone sees this error.

  • Hi Matthew,

    yes, that's the reason: by selecting Winforms App (.net framework) you create a non-SDK style project, whilst by selecting Winforms.App the project template creates a SDK-style structure for the csproj.
    As stated above, non-SDK style project may have issues in managing non stable dependencies for stable NuGet packages.


  • It is a visual studio c++ cli project and we are using framework 4.8 is it ok? . Any missing or dependencies we have to install first?


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