• Fixed wrong center of rotation after ZoomFit
  • Improved ObjectManipulator uniform scaling
  • Improved speed of Model.SetCurrent() method
  • Added angular and ordinate dimensioning to PaperSpace sample
  • Changed the return value of the GetCirclesTangentToTwoCircles() method
  • Fixed a crash in the UtilityEx.GetEntitiesStats() method
  • Fixed crash after control resize
  • Fixed HiddenLines algorithm for entities crossing near frustum plane
  • Improved HiddenLinesView class processing speed
  • Fixed crash for HiddenLinesView when running asynchronously
  • Added import of the hatch pattern name in ReadAutodesk
  • Removed extrusion by thickness of zero length lines in ReadAutodesk class
  • Fixed import of control points in 2dPolyline and 3dPolyline in ReadAutodesk class
  • Fixed bulge factor of SHX fonts in ReadAutodesk
  • Added ReadAutodesk.ForegroundColor property to handle ACI colors
  • Added export of the display mode to Viewport in WriteAutodesk class
  • Fixed export of BlockReference with negative scale factor in WriteAutodesk class
  • Fixed export of block names with forbidden characters in WriteAutodesk class
  • Fixed Elevation property of polylines with two vertices in WriteAutodesk class
  • Added WriteAutodeskParams class constructor with just Model as input parameter
  • Improved tessellation for generic NURBS surfaces
  • Added Brep.AddFlange() method for sheet metal modeling (article)
  • Added Brep.ExtrudeFace() and Brep.RevolveFace() methods for planar faces
  • Fixed memory leak in TempEntities release
  • Fixed missing edges in TempEntities
  • Fixed reading of some degenerated entities in ReadIFC class
  • Added support for IfcIndexedPolyCurve in ReadIFC class
  • Improved booleans performed during ReadIFC class
  • Fixed Mesh dynamic selection
  • Texts parallel to the screen are now written as real text in vector printing
  • Fixed bug on Legend.TitleFontSize assignment in WPF
  • Fixed Model.Print() method with extents parameter set to true in landscape mode
  • Fixed bug in Curve.Intersection() method
  • Added IReadOnlyList interface to EyeshotCollection class
  • Fixed EllipticalArc.GetNurbsForm() for arcs whose angle is almost 360 degrees
  • Added CollisionDetection.PrepareDataForCollision() method to precompute the needed data during collision check (detailed discussion here)
  • Fixed Collision Detection issue with Accurate mode for Professional edition
  • Improved speed of KeyedCollection.Contains() method with benefits in performance when reading files with a large number of layers and blocks
  • Added CollisionDetection.Log property avoiding to raise exceptions for unsupported entities
  • Added full support for instance visibility to ZoomFit() and UpdateBoundingBox() operations
  • Improved shadows drawing during ZPR and magnifying glass with huge models
  • Improved speed of first ZoomFit when in ConvexHull mode with the help of a separate thread
  • Fixed issue when using a custom font for the BoundingBox label
  • Added ObjectManipulator.ScalingStep and TranslationStep properties to ObjectManipulator ball action
  • Support tool allows customers to open tickets before the activation of Eyeshot
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