• Improved Brep.TransformBy() method
  • Fixed a toolbar memory leak
  • Fixed exception during glTF materials export
  • Improved glTF material metallic roughness settings
  • Fixed bug with progressive drawing and clip planes
  • Added missing RenderContext.MakeCurrent() method call in Workspace.UseShaders property setter
  • Fixed backface wrong visualization during the first frame with OpenGL renderer in Flat display mode
  • Added Solid hatch drawing with stencil buffer
  • Opened back CollisionDetection.PrepareDataForCollision() method
  • Fixed missing control invalidation on the Refresh() method call
  • Fixed curve-surface intersection
  • Fixed toolbar screen position
  • Fixed the color of entities on layer zero after a Workspace.SetCurrent() method call
  • Restored planar face loops sorting during STEP import
  • Fixed "collection was modified" exception in parallel ConvexHull computation
  • Fixed VectorView class with window and perspective projection mode parameters
  • Added action list in NET6 designer for WPF
  • Fixed crash in WPF control when the toolbar is null
  • Closed WorkSpace.SuspendUpdate(), Workspace.UpdateWorkspace(), Viewport.UpdateWorkspace() methods.
  • Fixed custom toolbar button with user-provided images
  • Fixed missing offset in Clearing3D class
  • Changed MultiFastMesh.SubMeshRanges field as property
  • Fixed flush of buffered lines during Text entity drawing
  • Fixed BitnessAgnostic class
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