🌶️ 2021.1.314

  • Added grouped offset support in Contour2D class
  • Added Slicer code sample
  • Added Aligned dimensions to PaperDemo code sample
  • Changed default parameter of Mesh.BuildOctree() method
  • Added Stock by geometry constructors
  • Fixed tangency cases on Hatch entity fill
  • Fixed entity Copy & Paste for bitness agnostic code
  • Added APT end mill definition for material simulation only
  • Improved pocket strokes linking
  • Added stock by geometry constructors to Stock class
  • Improved material removal simulation speed and normals computation
  • Added BlockReference.ExplodeDeep() method
  • Added Explode for Hatch entity in DraftingDemo code sample
  • Fixed OdDbSubDMesh import in ReadAutodesk class
  • Added support for run existing strategies on imported geometry (sort of auto-cam) in CamDemo code sample
  • Fixed Hatch entity export
  • Added missing IfcRoundedRectangleProfileDef and fixed IfcRectangleHollowProfileDef in ReadIFC class
  • Added import/export buttons and Turbo mode support in PerformaceStudio code sample
  • Improved speed of SimulationStock.Cut() sweeps
  • Fixed Legend.GetBounds() results after a RenderToBitmap() call
  • Fixed Table and ToolPath entities serialization
  • Fixed Designer issue with Grid element when reopening the saved form
  • Fixed multiple ScaleForDPI calls
  • Added utility methods to create default HatchPattern and LineType
  • Fixed Polygon2D.IntersecWithCrossAndT() returning duplicated points
  • Fixed missing properties after boolean operations in ReadIFC class
  • Fixed convex hull computation with nested visibility changes
  • Fixed Pocket machining when Stock is defined
  • Fixed Contour3D for invalid loops
  • Fixed FastMesh, Toolpath and SimulationStock entities with Turbo mode
  • Added support for colored BRep faces in IGES import/export
  • Added multi-file parallel writing
  • Fixed Object manipulator label position when updated manually
  • Added small objects culling even for still frames
  • Fixed simplified Text drawing when Entity.LineWeight > 1
  • Added method Explode() to Table entity
  • Added Parallel2D class
  • Improved Viewport.GetThumbnail() method
  • Fixed UpdatingThumbnailsText in WriteMultiFile class
  • Fixed exception on HiddenLines computation
  • Fixed ReadDWF dynamic loading in DraftingDemo code sample
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