🌶️ 2021.2.416

  • Fixed AccessViolationException when a non-Nvidia Graphic card is used on some dual GPUs laptops
  • Improved linking and grouping of parallel passes in Parallel3D class
  • Fixed Deg/Min/Sec format in AngularDim entity
  • Fixed exception using the Purge option with an empty LayerCollection
  • Improved the handling of the InitializeScene event to support multiple scenarios
  • Added accurate simulation speed to manufacture simulation
  • Fixed wrong transformations for tangent rail's segments during SweepAsBrep() 
  • Added Measure code sample
  • Added VolumeMesher class and devDept.Meshing assembly in Ultimate edition only
  • Fixed RegenMode in Point.Position property setter
  • Added import of DWG limits in ReadAutodesk class
  • Added support for DWG user-defined hatch pattern
  • Opened some methods of FEM symbol drawing to allow override
  • StepReader class is now thread-safe
  • Fixed some Brep.ExtrudeRemove() special cases
  • Fixed Text entity height and TextStyle.FontFamilyName in ReadPDF class
  • Fixed remove jittering on Turbo representation
  • Added default value in method UtilityEx.GetFont() for the new parameter scalingLevelRatio
  • Optimized regeneration of AttributeReference entities
  • Added per-monitor DPI support in WPF renderer
  • Improved robustness of surface offset algorithm
  • Added ToolConfigurator custom control
  • Set default line weight for Turbo entities
  • Added indexed parameter to Mesh.ConvertToFastMesh() method
  • Added EntryPoints property to Contour2D class
  • Opened Environment.ProcessSelectionByPolygon(), ProcessSelectionByPolygonEnclosed(), ProcessSelectionByPolygonVisibleOnly() methods
  • Added Picture.FullPath property
  • Updated the Eyeshot proprietary file format to version 9
  • Fixed wrong region's plane creation when sortAndOrient parameter is false
  • Fixed ToolPath.TransformBy() and Toolpath.CircularMotion class parsing
  • Fixed Camera .NET serialization crash (WinForms only)
  • Added import of measure properties as a tuple<string, double> with the unit type in ReadIFC class
  • Added manufacture SimulationTimeLine UI element
  • Fixed DouglasPeucker class computation for 3D points
  • Fixed writing of exportable layers only in WriteSTEP class
  • Added Shaders code sample
  • Fixed printing of empty strings
  • Added accurate transparency support to FastMesh entity
  • Added ToleranceAlignment property
  • Fixed Surface entity tessellation with no triangles
  • Fixed smoothing of maxLength tessellation on degenerated surfaces
  • Fixed InvalidCastException on UtilityEx.ReverseCurve() method
  • Improved Brep.FixTopology() by adding the merge of compatible edges
  • Improved Mesh.ConvertToFastMesh(), now it supports two modes
  • Fixed crash when multi-touch is not available
  • Added Progressbar.LengthFactor property
  • Added OriginSymbol individual label color
  • Fixed SimulationStock.Clone() method
  • Fixed duplicate vertices in simulation for Slicer code sample
  • Added ICurve.GetTightBBox() implementation
  • Added WriteMultiFileParams constructor with collections
  • Fixed crash on Mesh with wrong texture coordinates in WriteAutodesk class
  • Added copy of entity attributes in Mesh.ConvertToFastMesh() method
  • Improved logger calls for "Error getting font points" exception
  • Fixed exception after compiling a Block without entities
  • Avoid crash for still small size ratio when Entity.BoxlMin=null
  • Added Insert as block and Remove jittering checkboxes to OpenFileAddOn and ImportFileAddOn of CustomControls
  • Added missing initialization of DrawParams.Simplify property
  • Added support for rounded L shapes in ReadIFC class
  • Fixed issue that caused Cancel button not working when LazyLoading work unit was running
  • Fixed IfcCShapeProfileDef region generation
  • Clearer exception message on invalid TextStyle name
  • Fixed OjectManipulator translation for small geometry
  • Fix to skip IfcFace with the self-intersecting contour in ReadIFC class
  • Fixed Solid and Mesh IsPointInside methods
  • Fixed import of IfcCircleHollowProfileDef in ReadIFC class
  • Added Slicer code sample
  • Fixed merged offsets issue in Contour2D class
  • Fixed issue for the Support tool when contacting ZenDesk website
  • Fixed Viewcube not properly compiled exception


Breaking Changes

BC-160 Manufacture simulation speed The property Manufacture.SimulationSpeed now refers to the real speed of the end mill during the simulation, measured in world units per second.
BC-159 GetPointsForBb() The Region.GetPointsForBb() method was renamed to Region.GetPointsForConvexHull()
BC-158 IFC properties IfcMeasureValue and ifcPhysicalQuantity properties are now loaded as Tuple<string, double> with the unit type as the first item.
BC-157 OriginSymbol labels Replaced OriginSymbol.LabelColor property with LabelColorName, LabelColorX, LabelColorY and LabelColorZ.
BC-154 Protobuf Serializer.SetProtobufModel() method is now protected instead of public.
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  • Where can we find the DouglasPeucker routine? I developed my own some time ago, would love to compare performance.

  • Hi Jas,

    We called it Utility.Simplify()


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