🌶️ 2021.3.487

  • Added XData property to LayerEx class
  • Added multi-domain meshing using Brep materials
  • Refactored 3D milling classes to provide GetRawPasses() methods
  • Updated Open Design Alliance libraries to version 22.7
  • Fixed Pocket3D class with a boundary defined
  • Fixed missing support for negative AxialStockToLeave in Pocket3D class
  • Improved and simplified Measure code sample
  • Added Contour2D.Flips property to be able to flip individual contours direction
  • Improved SimulationTimeline UI element
  • Removed SimulationTimeline.BackgroundColor property
  • Added support for a group of operations in SimulationTimeline
  • Added ManufactureShortcutkeysSetting class to allow customizing the Manufacture Start, Stop, Next, and Previous buttons shortcut keys.
  • Fixed legend's item height with display scaling greater than 100%
  • Added point sprite shader to Shaders code sample
  • Fixed Hatch.PatternOrigin point cloning
  • Fixed Leaf selection checkbox in AssemblyDemo code sample
  • Fixed BlockReference full transformation in ReadAutodesk class
  • Added BRep.MergeAndKeepFaces() method
  • Fixed polyline with elevation writing in WriteAutodesk class
  • Improved capping in Brep.CutBy()
  • Improved shape of C beams sections in ReadIFC class
  • Added import of embedded images in ReadAutodesk class
  • Added AutodeskProperties support to Entity.Clone() method
  • Fixed boundary mesh generation for generic cylinder
  • Fixed exception raised during 3D mouse initialization when the Eyeshot control is docked into Actipro controls
  • Fixed crash in CabinetDesigner code sample
  • Fixed ReadOBJ texture loading from stream
  • Added anisotropic meshing of double-curved and free-form surfaces
  • Fixed Manufacture.GoToEnd() simulation
  • Added support for Intel Iris GPU
  • Fixed writing of PatternScale property in WriteAutodesk class
  • Fixed broken geometry clipping with capping
  • Fixed reading of entities with null resBuf in ReadAutodesk class
  • Fixed import of IfcBooleanResult in ReadIFC class
  • Improved read of files with corrupted openings in ReadIFC class
  • Added the FemMesh.GetNodesBy() family of methods
  • Fixed wrong attributes for extruded surfaces in ReadAutodesk class
  • Fixed IFC colors in ReadIFC class
  • Added BRep adaptive meshing based on size defined at edges level
  • Fixed rapid links between passes in Parallel3D class
  • Fixed circular progress bar thickness in some VB.NET code samples
  • Added color picker for GridBorderColor in MVVM code sample
  • Fixed import of IfcFace in ReadIFC class
  • Fixed storing of SavedViews
  • Fixed infinite loop in Utility.Simplify() method when first and last point are the same
  • Fixed TET10 volume meshing 
  • Fixed crash when display settings change using WPF native renderer
  • Improved TET10 midpoint generation on Brep face edges
  • Added UnparsedDimensionText property to AutodeskMiscProperties and fixed deserialization
  • Fixed Ellipse.GetFoci() method
  • Added import of Trace entity as a Solid hatch in ReadAutodesk class
  • Improved speed of Contour3D.ComputeWaterlines() method when a complex boundary is specified
  • Fixed tool visibility status during simulation in Manufacture control


Breaking Changes

BC-161 ReadPDF.Pages property ReadPDF has a property "Pages" that listed Entities; now it will contains PDFPages, each one containing its entities, its viewports, and their relative scale factor.


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