🌶️ 2022.1.376

  • Fixed import of spline curves without control points in ReadAutodesk class
  • Fixed drawing of multiple clip planes with progressive drawing and Direct3D renderer
  • Improved hatching with lines parallel to contour edges
  • Fixed direction arrow drawing for nested entities
  • Added support for zoom invariant dimensions text in SketchManager class
  • Fixed tooltip memory leak
  • Improved Curve.TryGetArc() method when control point weight is out of range
  • Added ReadIFC.OpeningsDeviation property
  • Added full support for Visual Studio 2022 designer (the remaining issues are all on the Microsoft side)
  • Improved Region entity construction without destroying contour curve types
  • Fixed selection of custom ObjectManipulator meshes
  • Added protected constructors accepting the surrogate for all the entities with primitives
  • Fixed import of IfcOpenings in ReadIFC class
  • Added ReadGCode.Blocks property
  • Fixed a small issue with sub-item selection
  • Fixed memory leak in WPF control
  • Improved Brep.Section()/Intersection()/IntersectionLoops() methods when tangent faces are involved
  • Fixed import of OdDbTrace entity with duplicated vertices
  • Fixed IGES import for unordered layer definitions
  • Improved HintsOnly option in ProjectConverter
  • Improved speed of convex hull construction in ConvexHull zoom fit mode
  • Added Drawings.ZoomFactor property
  • Added SketchManager.Fit, RotateToPlane, Margin and ZoomFitMode properties.
  • Fixed InsertAsBlock() helper method in CustomControl class
  • Improved planar region booleans with full NURBS curve support
  • Improved Workspaces code sample with SketchEntity support
  • Added Manufacture.GoTo() family of methods
  • Changed how Manufacture.SimulationToolpath() property setter behaves
  • Fixed crash on GSolid.ConvertToMesh() method after a boolean operation
  • Added Manufacture.PositionChanged.Direction property
  • Added Manufacture.GoToMotion() method
  • Added SketchManager.GetAllConstraintsFromEntity() method
  • Added SketchManager.GetParentEntity() method to find sketch point parents.
  • Added digital signature for all product assemblies
  • Added IText.StyleName interface
  • Added support for SketchEntity export
  • Added polygon support and PolygonConstraint to Sketch class
  • Fixed hatch pattern computation
  • Added FemMesh.SetGravity() method
  • Added BoundingBoxSettings.FormatString property
  • Fixed SimulationStock entity volume computation
  • Moved the FemMesh.Converged property to Solver class
  • Fixed rendering bug for toolbar buttons with a size not multiple of 32
  • Fixed export of byParent material in WriteAutodesk class
  • Fixed BlockKeyedCollection.Clear() method
  • Added hardSegments optional parameter in Region.Triangulate()
  • Fixed PropagateAttributesAndProcessBlockReferenceForSelection() method
  • Removed PointExtender class
  • Fixed Brep.FixTopology() method when vertices are on seams
  • Added support for Zytronic touch screen
  • Fixed support tool for missing version/build values autofill
  • Improved IFC import for degenerated contours in ReadIFC class
  • Fixed Layer renaming when a CompositeCurve is involved
  • Added support for Copy, Cut & Paste of sketch curves
  • Added SketchManager.FilledRegionColor property
  • Fixed loading of SHX font to support tolerance symbol
  • Fixed dimension text suffix in ReadAutodesk class
  • Fixed read of TrimCurve entity without Edge for files created before the geometric kernel separation 
  • Improved toroidal face import in ReadSTEP class
  • Fixed layout of overlapping sketch constraint labels
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