Migrating from version 2022


We recommend taking a full backup of your project(s), including your existing Eyeshot 2022 DLLs.

To migrate your Eyeshot 2022-based application to Eyeshot 2023, follow the steps below:

  1. Ensure that your existing Eyeshot 2022 Visual Studio project compiles and run
  2. Close all Visual Studio instances
  3. Close any text editor with your source code loaded
  4. Run the Eyeshot 2023 Project Converter tool
  5. Try to compile your converted project
  6. In case of failure:
    1. Search for the "TODO devDept" text in your entire Visual Studio solution
    2. Check the Project Converter log file for errors
    3. Check the Breaking Changes in Eyeshot 2023 article


With Eyeshot 2023 tools, the migration is supported from Eyeshot 2021 too: the described procedure also applies to Eyeshot 2021 projects.

If you get the following error loading the project:


please edit the project file, fill the <HintPath> with the absolute path of the Eyeshot DLLs, and try again.

For example, migrating from Eyeshot 2022 to Eyeshot 2023, change

<Reference Include="devDept.Eyeshot.Control.Win.v2022">


<Reference Include="devDept.Eyeshot.Control.Win.v2022">
<HintPath>C:\Program Files\devDept Software\Eyeshot Ultimate 2022\Bin\devDept.Eyeshot.Control.Win.v2022.dll</HintPath>

In case of migration from older versions, you may want to check this article.



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