• Fixed wrong TET bug in VolumeMesher class
  • Refactored AspNetMVC code sample
  • Fixed Picture entity dimensions in ReadDWG class
  • Added support for block base point in WriteGLTF class
  • Fixed disposal of Windows cursors
  • Added missing RenderContext.MakeCurrent() call in ObjectManipulator drawing
  • Fixed user-defined cursor replacement in WPF
  • Fixed ComputeDistance code sample
  • Fixed Segment2D.Normal property
  • Fixed glTF write when RootBlock is missing in WriteGLTF class
  • Fixed bidirectional transition between space mouse and standard mouse
  • Improved surface offset
  • Changed selectByBox and selectVisibleByBox precision when used with a single click (BC-218)
  • Added UI element adorners in WinForms .NET6 designer
  • Fixed null reference exception in sub-item selection
  • Added speed-optimized EntityList.Remove() and BlockKeyedCollection.Remove() methods 
  • Added XML files in Eyeshot NuGet packages
  • Improved Region entity boolean operations
  • Fixed null reference exception when running Eyeshot in .NET6 inside a docker
  • Fixed crash in WPF when unplugging external display while the laptop is on standby
  • Fixed disappearing images in EyeshotTools open ticket form
  • Fixed STEP import/export for incorrect face flipping
  • Added AnalyticSurf.Normal(), Brep.IsTangent(), Edge.IsTangent() and Face.Normal() methods
  • Fixed AngularDim leading/trailing zero suppression in ReadAutodesk class
  • Fixed style overrides in ReadDXF class
  • Added MultiFastMesh and PrintSimulationMesh entities
  • Fixed zoom fit when the ObjectManipulator is enabled
  • Added some missing Dispose() calls on GDI objects
  • Fixed entity attributes when the minimum frame rate is enabled
  • Fixed Region entity import in ReadAutodesk class
  • Fixed AciColor.IsByBlock property in ReadDXF class
  • Upgraded PdfPig open-source library to version 0.1.8
  • Fixed precision of Viewport.ScreenToWorld() method
  • Increased threshold where parallelism kicks in the new Mesh.Weld() method
  • Reversed toolbar array order
  • Added toolbar background and border (Feature Request)
  • Fixed initialization of fontDefs in the LoadDocument() method
  • Added Document.IsLoaded property and Workspace.UnloadDocument() method
  • Added FEM Modal Analysis
  • Added support for reading and writing FaceData and EdgeData in ReadSTEP/WriteSTEP classes
  • Fixed an Object Manipulator issue with touch screen
  • Improved speed of curve-surface intersection
  • Added geometrical selection in assemblySelectionType.Leaf mode
  • Added ComputeOrientedBoudingBox() method override for FastMesh class
  • Added support for geometric Sketch to Debugger Visualizer
  • Fixed wrong internal call in Brep.InsideOrCrossingScreenPolygon() method
  • Added mesh nature support to MarchingCubes class
  • Added SketchManager.CreateAngleConstraint() method overload that takes three points
  • Fixed HiddenLinesView for rotated Picture entity
  • Added missing MakeCurrent() method call before compiling entities in the regeneration work unit
  • Fixed missing layer line type in ReadAutodesk class
  • Fixed null reference exception on progress bar disposal
  • Fixed Sketcher construction curves list indices
  • Fixed Object Manipulator labels hidden behind Object Manipulator itself
  • Fixed SelectedFace.Select() when the ShellIndex property is negative for Mesh/Solid entities
  • Fixed point color update during Sketch editing
  • Added Label.AutoHide property (Feature Request)
  • Fixed StackOverflowException during HiddenLines computation
  • Fixed .NET serialization of SketchEntity and Sketch read from XML file
  • Fixed LinearDim extension lines extension
  • Added camera quaternion normalization for mouse3D
  • Changed integrity check on boolean operations to speed up loading time in ReadIFC class
  • Fixed space mouse long press
  • Fixed serialization of PointCL class
  • Added surface patch-driven tessellation algorithm
  • Added support for sharp connectors in curve offset
  • Added IFaceMesherCreator interface
  • Improved Region entity boolean operations for non-perfectly planar curves
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